29 August 2012

tex-brit baby shower

this was such a fun event to design an invite for - tex-brit baby shower theme. the dad is british, the mother is a texan (and a longhorn -- hook 'em!). and they're headed to texas soon to start their family.

with the royal wedding, the queen's jubilee & the london olympics stacked upon each other... i've had plenty of british buzz to inspire this british-texas family's first baby.

my favorite part was creating a little crest for them. three hearts for the three members of their family (or soon to be three members), and S for the surname and the texas & british flags. yes, we texans will put a country up against our state -- if rick perry had his way, we would become a country again.

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27 August 2012

neon & neutrals moleskine journals

happy to announce a new product in the shop - these lined moleskine journals are stamped with hand-carved stamps, and embossed with neon yellow, pink & turquoise. 

at 3.5 x 5.5" these little journals are perfect for your pocket or purse. enjoy!

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26 August 2012

OOPS! when life hands you lemons...

things have been pretty crazy around here - august started out with a lot of orders for charm & fig. it was awesome! every week i hit a record sales. i rushed and rushed to turn them around quick and most of the time, it worked out wonderfully. other times i had made some printing mistakes without realizing it and sending them off to the customers, who were excited to receive a perfect order. it's SUCH a bummer to hear from a client that got one of these erronous orders. totally my fault and while i'm happy to reprint, refund and take responsibilities for my mistakes,  "oops!" doesn't cover it when they're in a time crunch.

i'm making a huge effort to slow down and take my time on each order. i'm also taking some time to wrap them prettier -- up my game in the packaging department. i've been inspired by all the pretty packages out there on pinterest.

i have caught a bunch of my mistakes though -- the upside (or.. making lemonade) of having an 'oops pile' is lots of paper to write thank you notes to tuck into the packages. again, trying to slow down, take my time, give thanks for the business that comes through. isn't that part of the fun of receiving mail? unwrapping the packages and finding surprises?

new set of thank you notes from the OOPS pile...

and the back  printed with my 'recycled paper disclaimer'... am i cheap or just recycling?!

p.s. totally found out there's a letter writing alliance out there. long live snail mail!

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20 August 2012

countdown to costa rica

me in galveston, texas during my first surf lesson
i'm so pumped up for our costa-rican adventure. we booked the flight in february, so it really snuck up on us when we realized we had a couple unbooked hotels/ car rentals to take care of this week. work has been busy for both of us, so i'm really looking forward to some surfing, relaxing, beach coming, mountain climing, zip lining and tasting lots of yummy coffee along the way! in anticpiation for the trip, i put together this etsy treasury. << click for more!

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12 August 2012

moving announcements - custom & ready to order

two of my friends have reached that point in their life where they're moving. moving into bigger spaces to accommodate news babies, or moving into their first house to call all their own. through these custom projects, i was inspired to create some read-to-order moving announcements that can be found at charm & fig.

the schaetzes are an awesome couple who just moved into their first home! jaime wanted something cheeky to pay homage to her new german last name. i was immediately inspired by all the pretty scandinavian designs out there. when she showed me a photo of her house, i had to include the cuteness of the orange chairs on their porch. (a front porch! ah, i will be visiting you guys soon to crack open a beer on that baby.)

the henke's had the sweetest little addition to their family last year and were feeling crammed in their current house. off the went to some new digs with more space for the boys to run around. ashley wanted me to incorporate some of my water color stuff but try to keep it masculine at the same time. 

a clean, mid-century design for anyone who loved color. available now!

this one is carried some heavy vintage luggage & playful typography. order here.

want something more custom? email me at charmandfig(dot)gmail(dot)come.

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05 August 2012

couples shower games - for baby or wedding shower - good advice vs. real talk!

advice cards are always a hit, so i created this 'non-game' shower game as something fun to read aloud during the party, or something the hosts can include in the invitation & bring to the party. i think they work best filled out at the party....just add wine and the answers get better.

they say parenting & marriage is the hardest job in the world, and while there's loads of good advice out there, i think every new parent or couple want to hear the real talks! the REAL TALK side is perfect for people to let loose and be real about all the joys in the new chapter of their lives. these clean & simple cards are available in the shop.

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01 August 2012

sweltering auggie (+ july re-cap)

i'm writing this august 12, but post-dating it to august first.. such trickery!

here's the measly july postings you may have missed:
indian summer engagement party
my apologies
july manifesto + june re-cap

but since i have been so out-of-touch online, i've been out doing cool things..like surfing. totally obsessed. prepping for our costa rica trip :)

july started out pretty rainy, but man, we needed it after last year's drought.

a collection of neon stuff on my desk. office supplies rule.

a peek into the upcoming OKRA charity bar. yup - houston's getting a charity bar. drink for good!

me & the surfboard board in port aransas. yeah, it was pretty big.

my friend andie & her pentax. no illusions here, this camera is LARGE.

gorgeous sunset at surfside.

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