28 December 2010

do-it-yourself christmas wrapping paper

i had way too much fun wrapping presents this year! and yes, i realized coffee is spelled incorrectly.. i added the other 'e' before it was gifted... :)
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22 December 2010

merry christmas - 2010

merry christmas! this is our card this year... tried to spruce it up with a sparkly envelope liner to distract from having a cute picture, i think it worked. who wants a cute picture of us anyway? i always favor photos with real, human babies.
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08 December 2010

engagement party invites - yellow & gray

my mom threw me a little engagement party and i had to take over the invites...
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28 November 2010

san francisco - nautical dream

san fran day two. loved all the nautical elements! and of course.. ORANGE.
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27 November 2010

san francisco scenes - on the water

san fran day one. bay bridge,ferry building (holy smokes.. this is the place to EAT) & a grumpy pelly.
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25 November 2010

perfect cherry pie

jon's sister & cousin made this pie with williams-sonoma pie cutters-- i couldn't get over how perfect it looked! oh and it tasted ok too :)
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02 November 2010

great news (!)

it may be november, but it finally feels like summer nights & buckets of beer on patios is behind us. i'm so ready for fall.

p.s. we're engaged!

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10 October 2010

ombre nails - lavender

if i can't have lavender hair, might has well have lavender nails...

spent some time last week researching ombre nails and finally acheived the look with a little trial & error. experimenting with nail polish feels like junior high again!

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06 October 2010

whimsical college graduation announcements

this past month, i had the pleasure of creating these grad school graduation announcements for a friend, carly. i met carly in spanish class about four years ago at texas state and now she's gone on to be one of the smarties!

when she sent me her pictures of inspiration for the announcement, more than half of them were the exact same pictures that i had saved in my own 'pretty things' file! i knew right away it was going to be a good match.

so yeah, if you ever need invitations, announcements, save-the-dates, whatevs.. i'd love to work with you.

check out carly's blog here.

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03 September 2010

simple breakfasts are my fav

have a day off today, so i got to make a proper breakfast! obsessed with this darjeeling-looking orange tea tin. looking forward to using it as a little flower vase when the tea is gone.

don't you just love those large shredded wheats? i've been looking for them for awhile and they happen to be at fiesta!
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the shallows at seond baptist

i had the cool opportunity to shoot THE SHALLOWS as they recorded their first songs. full disclosure, my boyfriend is the band :)

they had the cool opportunity to record their first songs at second baptist, a megachurch here in houston that has a pipe organ with 192 stops and 10,412 total pipes, one of the largest in the world.

Check out THE SHALLOWS here.

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27 August 2010

19 August 2010

scenes from the lakehouse

lake september - april 2009

leaving today for a little lake house retreat! kissin' summer goodbye.
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08 August 2010

canon a1 - playing around with film

playing with my canon a-1 for the first time in 10 years! figuring film out again...
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05 August 2010

your number's up

going through my cell phone pictures , i noticed a couple of them were stenciled & stamped numbers. don't know what it is about fancy numbers, but i love em!

yes, i have the hipstamatic app & love it, obvs. makes every picture look so nostalgic. all images from the iphone except the black and white is from the nikon.
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