20 January 2013

modern groomsmen cards -- will you be my best man?

every now and then i get an email from a client asking if i make groomsman cards that don't have  mustaches on them! there's definitely saturation of mustache products at there.. and if you're looking for an alternative, there aren't a lot of masculine versions.

i came up with these simple groomsman cards that feature the wedding date on the front and the 'will you be my groomsman, best man, etc" question on the inside.

i imagine this groom to love adventure, whiskey and to never leave the house without his pocket knife. but if he doesn't do all or any of those requirements, that's okay. he's a total gentleman by asking his wedding party with good ol' fashioned stationery.

groomsman cards are available in the shop as single cards & sets of three.

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19 January 2013

you & me watercolor valentine print in the shop!

yup, it's time to start thinking about valentines. don't be a scrooge. i love it.  my ideal valentines is a good homemade meal (that we make together) a rented movie and a dessert that we don't typically have very often (cremem brule.. a fruit tarte?) no dressing up! pajamas required. 

in the spirit of the holiday, i made these geometric watercolor prints.... with a simple you & me. nothing fancy. adds a nice little pop of pink to your art wall that you're working on, yes? prints can be purchased in my etsy shop!

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13 January 2013

sparkly surprise bridal luncheon invite

i forgot to post these! and i promise it's the last installment of andie's wedding paper :) 

the day before she got married her mother's best friend threw a fantastic bridal luncheon for andie & her ladies. andie was sweet enough to recommend me to make the invitations. we went with girly & light to reflect the relaxed luncheon.. and of course, had to add some metallics. 

i stashed some gold sequins in each envelope for a little sparkly surprise.

here's the detail of the invite....pastel confetti & pastel confetti pattern on the back.

to order custom shower invitations, email me at charm and fig (at) gmail (dot) com.

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05 January 2013

before & after : organization resolution { 2013 } nailed

we live in a tiny apartment, and with my etsy business.. it's only become more cluttered and messy. as i fill orders, it becomes a little stressful digging through the mess. i kind of knew where everything was, but all my paper, supplies, stamps, receipts, tape, glue and glitter didn't have a PLACE.

.. the heinous, stress-inducing before...

... after.... with all the cute christmas cards we received. huzzah for snail mail.

i've always been a fan of ikea's kasset box system, but i was thrilled to learn that they started making them in a natural, uncoated cardboard. these boxes fit perfectly into the expedit shelves that are always being hawked on craigslist. i jazzed up the labels with some neon tape to give the whole look a few pops of color. it's amazing how happy organization makes me. every time i look at my clean work station, my serotonin levels go through the roof.

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