27 August 2010

19 August 2010

scenes from the lakehouse

lake september - april 2009

leaving today for a little lake house retreat! kissin' summer goodbye.
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08 August 2010

canon a1 - playing around with film

playing with my canon a-1 for the first time in 10 years! figuring film out again...
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05 August 2010

your number's up

going through my cell phone pictures , i noticed a couple of them were stenciled & stamped numbers. don't know what it is about fancy numbers, but i love em!

yes, i have the hipstamatic app & love it, obvs. makes every picture look so nostalgic. all images from the iphone except the black and white is from the nikon.
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01 August 2010

wald - random houston icon

these kind of signs have been going by the way of the dodo bird (yes! that's the second time i was able to use that phrase this weekend). i'm happy they're coming back in style.

don't know anything about the WALD sign, but when i was younger and going on road trips with my family, i could see it from southbound i-10, and that's when i new we were close to home.

the yellow arrow just makes me giddy. i want it in my house, stat.
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