29 June 2012

baby shower games - 3 wishes for baby & advice for mom

i've been trying to find the time to make some baby shower games for charm & fig. here they are! something cute and simple with advice for mom and wishes for the baby.

the great things about these is the mom can keep them for years to come, put them in her scrapbook or just stash them away for a million years and pull them out when the child is grown up and read all the fun notes from family and friends. RUN ON SENTENCE, much? yes.. but my mind is going a mile a minute these days.

these cards come in lots of colors and are customized for both mom & baby. available for purchase here.

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28 June 2012

pop the question - will you be my bridesmaid?

i posted some new cards in the shop! another fun way to pop the question to your bridesmaids, flower girls, maid of honor, etc. 

the special thing about this card is the diamond image -- it's stamped with a hand-carved stamp (made by yours truly) and embossed with a metallic gold. the one's i have here are pink, but brides can choose just about any color to suit their needs. 

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14 June 2012

eek! charm & fig featured in etsy's bridesmaid round up

i received some great news today! my 'darling, stand by me' cards were featured in etsy's wedding email yesterday.

thanks to michelle delgado for putting together this collection (visit her vintage shop here), and thanks to camille for forwarding the email to me (visit her blog here).

SHAMELESS PLUG: 'darling, stand by me' cards can be purchased at charmandfig.etsy.com.

you can read the full email here.

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12 June 2012

pink & green watercolor sip 'n' see invite

here's some girly sip 'n' see invites i made for a friend, who was throwing a party for her sister-in-law and her new baby niece. we wanted them to match the baby's room, which i was told was all-out pink and green floral.

after visiting the japanese gardens in san antonio last march,  i was inspired to use watercolor to paint these pink and green water color invites.

real watercolor textures with some computer manipulation....the best of both worlds!

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07 June 2012

summerfest tie-dye

it's one of my favorite weekends in houston -- free press summerfest! here's a pretty festive shot of the flaming lips letting loose with all their colorful balloons...

like any music festival, summerfest is always a little fashion show... but once you get there you sweat your brains out and laugh at the idiots wearing leggings, skinny jeans, stilletto heels, etc.

this year i hadn't really planned what i was going to wear so i took a couple of jon's white cotton shirts and made some tie-dye tank tops with my friend andie. for the colors, i used rit dye. i only had scarlett red, royal blue and yellow on hand.. but did some guessing on mixing colors and came out with these results.

for andie's we dipped the sides vertically leaving a little biased white strip inbetween the indigo and chartreuse.

(also, thanks to andie for bringing over some starbucks vanilla scones. choice tie-dying nibbles!)

 for mine, i dipped the bottom, tied off sections on the top for some starburst and shredded the back because a: it looks totes 90's and b: it will keep me cool! breezes of all kind are welcome in 90+ degree heat. 

here's the final looks after we cut them up a bit... what do you think?

but, wait! there's more... check out the summerfest posts i've written for other blogs around the internet:

pre-show tips on transportation & more at downtownhouston.org.

highlights & post-show tips at chevydriveshouston.com.

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03 June 2012

darling, won't you stand by me? bridesmaids cards!

i've had ben e. king's song stand by me stuck in my head all day. and below is a video of john lennon singing this famous tune so you can partake in my musical prison :) kidding. it's an awesome song, which is why i used it for these bridesmaids cards. 

these cards come in a set of three, and can be customized by picking two colors - one for the envelope and headline words, and the second for the smaller text (on inside and outside). the inside has your friends' names and "will you be my bridesmaid?"

you can order the cards here.

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01 June 2012

june summer love (& may wrap-up)

ho.ly. cow. it's getting insanely hot around these parts. already looking for ways to stay cool this summer, but that won't happen this weekend when we hit up free press summer fest. two days of live music!

we moved into our new place a few weeks ago, so blogging has been on the back burner a bit, but i have some great little projects coming up that i'm looking forward to sharing.

also, i turn 27 this month. yup. just another year. we'll be celebrating with pizza and friends and maybe a little romantic dinner later in the week.

as summer wedding approach, i've been getting lots of bridal shower game orders at charm & fig. it's really exciting and makes me want to create some more bridal games that i would actually play!

here's my may posts in case you missed anything:

april recap
aeronautical stationery

here are my favorite instagram shots from the fast few weeks:

texas roses at market square park

beach-themed car at the houston art car parade

paper collection, taken on moving day.

sending out more charm & fig orders. i never get tired of ordering fun stamps.

dinner with andie, discussing some stationery projects. i'll never turn down a luigi's offer.

jon & i at the first night game at bbva compass stadium, the new home of the houston dynamo. #foreverorange

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