01 April 2012

it's april! (+ march re-cap)

i kind of forgot about april fool's day, but the day is young (!!!)

march was light on posts because it was heavy on real life. three weddings, two baby showers & the stinking flu... but lots of pretty pictures were taken. 

march posts:

and just as predicted.. there were so many flowers to take picture of in march. 

anniversary flowers from jon. this purple color reminds me of my grandmother.

a vintage sign outside of the majestic metro, an old cool movie theater.

pastel pencils in the best shades of green. 

magenta pansies from thompson + hanson nursery

a view from our hotel room. it felt like a treehouse oasis. so relaxing.

tree with purple blooms from a winery in comfort, texas

koi fish from the japanese tea garden in san antonio

opi's cajun shrimp!

big fat burger fro hupcap grill

stephanie toppin's sculpture at char bar

houston ballet's center for dance on a cloudy sunshine day

hands down, the best vintage sign in houston.

buttercups! i used to smash these on people's faces... karma has gotten back me with seasonal allergies.

minty goodness. favorite spring polish color.

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