30 August 2011

travel pack - great honeymoon gift idea

this was one of our wedding gifts... a personalized fannie pack with everything we could possibly need for the heavy traveling that will partake on the honeymoon to italy. big thanks to our friends andie & russ! ( jon got one as well).

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27 August 2011

21 August 2011

silly illustrations - my favorite shake from my favorite guy

this is a shake jon makes for me in the mornings. this nutritionist i met on a bachelorette weekend told me about it and it's amazing. has ALL the vitamins you need for a day, thanks to the spinach that you can't even taste. it's perfect for when you've had a heavy meal the night before. usually keeps me pretty full until lunch, especially when he adds peanut butter.
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19 August 2011

wedding correspondance - mint green & stripes

engraved seafoam stripe dream.

here's a design i did for a friend's shower/wedding thank you cards. i forgot to photograph the printed product before i shipped it off., so behold the digital version. congrats on the engagement c & t!

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13 August 2011

galveston day trip - nautical antiques

went to galveston today and saw the BEST nautical inspirations. so much bright orange, painted wood, ship flags, glass floats wrapped in knotted rope. if i had any space in our place, i would have bought it all.

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