22 July 2011

downhouse style - vintage industrial

ate at down house last night.. cute little place in the heights. lots of that cute industrial-hack furniture i'm seeing everywhere. (reclaimed wood coffee tables on castor wheels, iron tables with marble tops, etc). they served jon's cocktail deconstructed... in a tiny little glass with the gin in a beaker. (another trend? keeps your ice from melting?)

it was cute, but annoying.

QUESTION: does function follow form, here?
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03 July 2011

losing keys & staying organized

ok, so we moved to an apartment with lots of security. you need a little clicker to get in and out of stair wells, elevators, parking, etc. it's very easy to get locked into stair wells if you forget your key. this has happened a couple times so jon suggested we created a designated key place next to the door so we will always remember to take them.

luckily, we live down the street from an awesome junk shop and they have oodles of vintage letters. i've been looking for an excuse to put a word up on the wall that isn't totally random... "grab yo' keys, girl" was just too long.

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02 July 2011

lemon water - easy treat

we received this pitcher today as a wedding gift. i had to throw in some sliced lemons and cucumbers to make a little refreshing beverage.

(IT's HOT, Y'ALL. we're in a serious rainfall deficit!!!!)

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01 July 2011

ombre dip dye - hibiscus

played with some dried hibiscus we got at the airline market... 1 pound for $3.99 = awesome! I boiled it for awhile to get the color out and used it as a fabric dye...

working with an old white polo, going for an ombre thing...

oops.. it fell in. no going back!

the warm tones washed out leaving cool purple... not how i wanted it to turn out, but will definitely play with it again sometime.

murphy's law: you will get dye on your white pants. thank goodness for bleach :)

and mister brought home some pretty pink peonies, just cause. awww shucks.

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