09 May 2012

seis de mayo picnic

last sunday we gathered up some friends, bocce balls, croquet mallets and some downright amazing food for a relaxing picnic at the menil park.

it was seriously the most beautiful picnic i've ever been to... amanda brought lots of antique picnic gear from her workplace and we all dined in early-19th-century danish style.

andie came up with a new fun game, where you read the new york times weddings & celebrations section out loud. it's kind of like people watching without being with the people, or our own version of talk soup. ah, if only joel mchale came to this picnic.

and then we abandoned croquet and put our circus skills to use. thank goodness nobody got hurt!

cristina won the award for most croquet-like attire..

double time! russ gets extra points for balancing on his nose.

duh. festive (and sloppy) nails.

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