13 May 2012

pastel brights & mother's day

happy mother's day to all the mommies out there! special shout out to all the new moms :) 

here's a photos of us the day before our wedding.. we were turnin' it up to match the azaleas.

had to share some gift wrappings.. my mom LOVES to kick back and relax by spending her free time by the pool & on cruises when time permits. her gift was a little water-related so i made her a card to match. 

it was ART CAR weekend in houston. we've got the oldest, largest art car parade in the world and the enthusiasm behind this event is what makes it so special... many people use their primary vehicle and keep it 'arted-up' year-round. this beach scene was installed on top of a hawaiian-themed car i saw on my way to lunch on friday. loved all the colors!

and i was feeling in the mood for some bright pastels, so i used some tangerine, periwinkle & mint to fancy up my phalanges. i read somewhere that you suggested to paint on scotch tape, cut up the dry tape and use them as nail stickers. then a top coat to seal it down. worked like a charm.

we're off to brunch with my mama right now... i've got to satisfy my lox & bagel craving i've been having all week!!

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