20 December 2011

merry christmas - 2011

merry christmas from us. this year i went with a sloppy cursive (handwritten by me-- no fonts here!), hand-painted watercolor kind-of-thing. and confetti, of course! and i'm just obsessed with the screen-printed woodgrain paper i used as envelope liners. more of those to come!

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10 December 2011

save the dates - personal with words

simple & cheery save the dates i did last year. the text on the bottom was a special poem for the couple. love it when couples add something mor personal to save the dates.

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05 December 2011

san francisco treats

visited my friend chelsey in san fran (so much fun, food and gorgeous weather!)

here are a few snaps from the trip. many were posted on instagram. do you have it? it's addicting. chelsey convinced me to download it and i've never looked back. click that little button to follow me...

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01 December 2011

paper christmas ornaments

our little hobo christmas tree with paper ornaments. I wasn't ready to buy a bunch of stuff & have a permanent style for Xmas so we used marked up bingo cards & paper chains to decorate.

28 November 2011

sewing a stripe pillow

made a cheery striped pillow (ikea fabric). with a zipper! (had some serious issues with this zipper, so having this pillow complete is a victory).

18 November 2011

geek glasses stationery

geek glasses stationery I made for my friend Cristina. Girl loves her glasses and I love her for loving her glasses!

10 November 2011

bzz bzz.... bumble bee & birdie stationery

personalized stationery I made for a work friend with some vintage illustrations. melissa means bee in greek. bzz bzz!

29 October 2011

modern art from the vatican

favorite art from the vatican. after looking at beautiful, realistic oil paintings of saints for dozens of rooms, you get a little modern art cleansing before you see the sistine chapel.

In order from top to bottom, henri matisse, piero dorazio, henri matisse and giuseppe capogrossi.

16 October 2011

topochico chandelier - ay ay ay

topochico light fixtures at tacos a-go-go in houston, texas
such an easy DIY for maybe a festive patio? lamp kit, jigsaw, wood, seven sugary flavors and voila!

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22 September 2011

50th anniversary invites - woodville flora & fauna

went to woodville last weekend for jon's grandparents 50th anniversary party. we had so much fun and lots of encounters with animals.

here's the invite i did! his grandmother borrowed this dress from a friend. And for the party, his grandpa got the same military-style haircut.. how cute is that? wish i had a photo of that.

for the party, jon's mother gathered these wildflowers from a friend's yard and we made about a dozen arrangements from the stash. so pretty... i want a garden that produces these kind of blooms.

and here's a cow in their front yard...

and me & chelsey riding a horse...

and some hummingbirds! there must have been more than 25, but these little guys are hard to capture.

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18 September 2011

vatican hall of maps - nautical dream

so the vatican has a gallery of maps that is covered wall-to-wall with the most beautiful maps i have ever seen. i wish i had better quality photos.

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17 September 2011

viagreggio, italy - nautical inspiration

buongiorno! totes back from italy and become obsessed with a little town called viareggio. here's some of the cute nautical inspirations i found. blue & white everywhere.

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30 August 2011

travel pack - great honeymoon gift idea

this was one of our wedding gifts... a personalized fannie pack with everything we could possibly need for the heavy traveling that will partake on the honeymoon to italy. big thanks to our friends andie & russ! ( jon got one as well).

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