12 April 2013

new digs & fancy flat sheet curtains

things have been really chaotic around here -- but all for good cause. we bought a house earlier this month... and i'm sure i'll be posting tons of home-related projects along the way.

we 'window shopped' for about two years on har.com (so addictive!) before the aggressive hunt began in early 2013. j & i instantly fell in love with our little house and cannot wait to make make some memories in it with our family and friends. the unpacking and decorating have just begun...

for now, our windows have these lovely sheet & dip-dye table cloth curtains held up with push pins for privacy. i'm sure our neighbors are thrilled. sewing curtains will certainly be one of my first projects... it's time to dust off the sewing machine and bust out a bottle of pinot noir.

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