30 March 2011

vintage italian wedding invitations

here's my invites... we went with a vintage italy theme. after i finally figured out what kind of look & feel i wanted, everything else fell into place.

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29 March 2011

instagram photos from our wedding

okay, so here's some awesome & fun iphone instagram prints that our friend andie took with her iphone. so glad she snapped some of these cause it will be weeks (!!!) before i see the professional photos. love the vintage look :) we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather, family & friends to celebrate this day.

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26 March 2011

06 March 2011

women's floral stationery - pink & green

man, i'm on a bloggin' roll in march!

here's some stationery i made for part of katrina's shower gift (with her soon-to-be-initials).
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05 March 2011

bridal shower games pt. 2

i'm currently at a wedding shower for jon's cousin katrina. his other cousin katy asked me to make some fun cards for her shower, inspired by these.

so this is what we came up with - something that is personal and would be a nice addition to her wedding scrapbook. plus, if you've got a great group of gals - there will definitely be some funny answers that will be fun to look back on.

interested in ordering some of these cute cards for a shower you're hosting? buy them online at charmandfig.etsy.com

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04 March 2011

bridal shower games

a fun little game my mom came up with for my bridal shower (and i made these simple little cards). good advice on one side, honest advice on the back.

a cute one from my friend kelly.

and another from my mom's funny friend di.

there were much more.. these were among my favorites. they all made me laugh :)

check out another shower game idea here.

interested in ordering these? buy them at charmandfig.etsy.com.

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