31 January 2012

women's stationery - neon pink & grey

did i mention andie was getting married? ok, i'm excited! because of the upcoming nuptials, she's got lots of note writing to do, (like a proper lady would!)

among many other things, andie and i share a fond love for neon. these are also a little surfer-inspired -- she went to maui to visit her family over the summer and all of her photos are amazing. hopefully she'll share some on her blog soon. if she doesn't update, give her a break; she's usually in the rice lab studying nano crystals and conducting experiments.

thanks andie for letting me make these :)

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27 January 2012

rah rah rah! just a glimpse from the HYPA gala...

last saturday we went to the houston young people for the arts i ♥ HYPA homecoming gala - and holy cow it was so. much. fun. big props to hypa founder heather pray for putting together such an awesome event. everyone was encouraged to dress as a high school stereotype and people really showed up with fun costumes.

i was in charge of decor so we really hit it hard with the homecoming theme, a nod to theatre under the stars' current show bring it: on the musical [now playing at hobby center!].

here are the photos from monsterbooth:

a few photos from my iphone - i wore a gold taffeta dress (borrowed from brandi - thanks!) and jon wore his some grungy clothes from his band days...

there were perforamnces from westsie high school marching band - so much energy.

a few more decor shots...

my big project, building these super-sparkly light up letters. loved how they turned out.

[HYPA letter photo by jordan graber]

i urge everyone who has any interest in the arts to join hypa. it's mission is to promote education of the visual and performing arts; advance cultural awareness of current events in the houston art scene, particularly among young people.

and the best part? it's only $20 a year to join. do it.

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25 January 2012

we made this -- industrial coffee table with storage

really excited to share these photos because it's been a long project in the making. about four months ago i ordered a HUGE printer (to make my stationery) without really checking the specs. because we're lacking storage space jon and i decided to build a coffee table that could store the printer.

so here's our baby - we used an old door for the table top and vintage castor wheels as the base. everything else was new materials that we cut, sanded and stained on our tiny porch.

exterior storage for extra pillows & blankets.

table top complete with door handle hole. i want to find a little flower vase that will fit inside.

interior storage with my boat printer (or anything else we want to hide). the hinged door on this side is part of the original door used for the table top.

my wood shop gear.

jon assembling the botton on our porch.

we loved building this together and are already talking about our next project - side table for the bedroom!

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23 January 2012

the cream event - austin, texas

some of the amazing goodies we got in our swag bag from the cream event in austin. holy cow -- this was SO MUCH FUN. i went with my friend andie who is a bride-to-be and two other girls, amanda and brandi who, like me, were going for fun and inspiration.

from left to right-ish...
kazoo from 100 layer cake
chevron watercolor stationery from the creative parasol
polka dot letterpress stationery from toast & laurel
moon pies from ??
white impressed ceramic dish from loot vintage
gray & metallic print from james moes photography
white heart dish from BHLDN
stamps from the nichols photography
moose tea bag from paige newton photography
macaroons from ??

inspiring it was - so many awesome ladies making gorgeous stuff. my photos are grainy .. but here's are few snaps from the event. good drinks, food, paper and flowers. the next one is in LA (march 2012) -- if you like planning events, it is not to be missed.

...and amanda and i competed in the dance-off and 2nd place. there may or may not be some photos of THAT floating around soon. xo

UPDATE: p.s. forgot to thank my childhood pal paige of paige newton photography for letting us stay at her mardi gras house! proper 'thank you' correspondence is in the mail.

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20 January 2012

sparkly fan

What did you do during your lunch break? I hung sparkles on a 15-foot fan blades. cheers!

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19 January 2012

women's stationery - nautical & neon

i'm definitely loving this neon trend (and i'm still true to nautical). had to make some cheerful stationery to brighten up these winter blues (ok, we're not really having THAT much of a winter in texas).

you can't really tell but the navy envelope is actually glassine, making it slightly transparent.

anchors away, my friends.

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16 January 2012

watercolor banner women's stationery

here's some simple flat correspondance i made in a variation of colors. the water color brushstrokes you see are real -- painted by me. one of my new favorite designs!

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11 January 2012

vintage light-up letters

sneak peek of something i've been working on:

to see the full enchilada, purchase tickets to the HYPA Gala supporting houston's vibrant art scene. learn more about the event here.

stay tuned, i'll write a tutorial about how you can make some of these fancy letters for your home decor or next festive event.

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01 January 2012

vintage christmas glass

happy new year! here's a few pics from christmas stuff. the red glass things are my grandmothers... i love pulling them out every year and filling them with candy. always festive.

i made some dip-dye ombre tea towels this year for christmas wrappings.. easy and sustainable.

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