25 January 2012

we made this -- industrial coffee table with storage

really excited to share these photos because it's been a long project in the making. about four months ago i ordered a HUGE printer (to make my stationery) without really checking the specs. because we're lacking storage space jon and i decided to build a coffee table that could store the printer.

so here's our baby - we used an old door for the table top and vintage castor wheels as the base. everything else was new materials that we cut, sanded and stained on our tiny porch.

exterior storage for extra pillows & blankets.

table top complete with door handle hole. i want to find a little flower vase that will fit inside.

interior storage with my boat printer (or anything else we want to hide). the hinged door on this side is part of the original door used for the table top.

my wood shop gear.

jon assembling the botton on our porch.

we loved building this together and are already talking about our next project - side table for the bedroom!

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