22 June 2011

chicago on broadway

saw CHICAGO last night. it was very funny, sexy and entertaining throughout the entire show. Lots of sparkles! and you can buy ticket's to tonight's show with the coupon code CHICAGO at www.spahouston.org. GO!

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21 June 2011

colorful stationery - a little note from...

i made these as a birthday gift for my boss. by the looks of her taste, she loves vintage stuff and lots of color (hey, me too!). this was a fun one because each card and envelope came out completely different and many of them had cute animals on them.

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20 June 2011

pops of orange

eeek. it's been a long time. busy with wedding stuff (how long can i use that excuse?) and busy moving. and in that vein here are two new things: personal stationery & a super-soft velvety couch. both with pops of orange!

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18 June 2011

women's stationery - lavender & gold

so now that our wedding is out of the way, my dad got married. here's some stationery i made for his wife using her wedding colors...

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