26 March 2012

one year wedding anniversary

yowza.. this year went by quickly! they say the first year is the hardest... and if that's true then i'm really looking forward everything that's in store for us.  here's a few shots from our wedding day..

just married

dogwood flowers from jon's grandmother's hometown

the delicious cake my mother made

white roses & honey favors all set up as the sun is setting

vino, vino, vino!

simple table setting


i have to say, we had some serious dance moves on the dock

late night hang outs

and a super ridiculous photo from the photo booth.. caption contest?!


  1. I can't believe it has already been a year!

  2. happy one year (a tad belated)! love you guys!

  3. I loved you wedding! It was so special, and so you!!! I love all the little personal touches you had! Thanks for helping with ours!


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