01 May 2012

may expectations ( + april wrap-up)

eeeep. it's may. busy time for us as we're moving toward the end of the month, which means we'll be packing-up from here on out. we're not going far, just a few miles south of here.... so i'll be getting up close and personal with a familiar neighborhood.

 i also expect to be outside playing a lot more this month-- we joined a kickball league, and while it seems to be centered around drinking, i'm actually looking forward to the exercise aspect of it (no joke). bathing suit season is coming up and i'll take what i can get.

here's what i was up to in april (and my fancy instagram photos too):

totes cray cray & ping pong ( look, i enjoy writing like a tween).

juicing.. this batch had a single beet in it. it's a pretty saturating vegetable & helps purify your blood among other things. plus, make's everything pink for a few days... :)
I'll do a full-on juice post soon!

mas sparkles por favor.

swoon for spoon. hey britt daniel.

margarita at tacos a go go in the heights! we'll miss this place when we move.

me & jon watching a friend play at a crawfish festival. sunny days.

mailing off my friends & family samples for charm & fig.

max was born!

me & max. just a couple hours old.

wahoo! sending off some etsy orders.. clearly, i need to purchase some stamps worth more than 45 cents. 

my home town is celebrating the arrival of its minor league baseball team and brand new stadium. thanks to my dad for inviting us! we had a blast. 

the stadium is gorgeous... it was definitely designed for families. every where you look, there's something for kids to enjoy... and pretty good beers on tap (saint arnold!).

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  1. Looks like your April was awesome and your May is going to be just as great!


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