30 April 2012

truly cray cray

i love this time of year because crawfish are in season and that means gettings together with friends, eating food that's too spicy, drinking beers that are too cold and sitting in places that are too hot.  throw a ping pong tournament in the mix and you've got a little shin dig.

our cray cray mess

the awesome golden paddle made by our friend andrea. the back gets signed with the winner's name.
i went out in the first round. i made a vow to myself to get better and surprise everyone next year. it would be an honor to write my name on that paddle :)

the crawfish invite.. finally some masculine design around here :)

round two.

sarge!! he's such a good dog.

it's the fancy shoe club.

oh hey, summer plaids.

i didn't take very many photos, which kind of tells you i was having a good time catching up with everyone who i hadn't seen in awhile... everyone's turning into ' busy adults' these days...  


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