05 January 2013

before & after : organization resolution { 2013 } nailed

we live in a tiny apartment, and with my etsy business.. it's only become more cluttered and messy. as i fill orders, it becomes a little stressful digging through the mess. i kind of knew where everything was, but all my paper, supplies, stamps, receipts, tape, glue and glitter didn't have a PLACE.

.. the heinous, stress-inducing before...

... after.... with all the cute christmas cards we received. huzzah for snail mail.

i've always been a fan of ikea's kasset box system, but i was thrilled to learn that they started making them in a natural, uncoated cardboard. these boxes fit perfectly into the expedit shelves that are always being hawked on craigslist. i jazzed up the labels with some neon tape to give the whole look a few pops of color. it's amazing how happy organization makes me. every time i look at my clean work station, my serotonin levels go through the roof.

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