26 August 2012

OOPS! when life hands you lemons...

things have been pretty crazy around here - august started out with a lot of orders for charm & fig. it was awesome! every week i hit a record sales. i rushed and rushed to turn them around quick and most of the time, it worked out wonderfully. other times i had made some printing mistakes without realizing it and sending them off to the customers, who were excited to receive a perfect order. it's SUCH a bummer to hear from a client that got one of these erronous orders. totally my fault and while i'm happy to reprint, refund and take responsibilities for my mistakes,  "oops!" doesn't cover it when they're in a time crunch.

i'm making a huge effort to slow down and take my time on each order. i'm also taking some time to wrap them prettier -- up my game in the packaging department. i've been inspired by all the pretty packages out there on pinterest.

i have caught a bunch of my mistakes though -- the upside (or.. making lemonade) of having an 'oops pile' is lots of paper to write thank you notes to tuck into the packages. again, trying to slow down, take my time, give thanks for the business that comes through. isn't that part of the fun of receiving mail? unwrapping the packages and finding surprises?

new set of thank you notes from the OOPS pile...

and the back  printed with my 'recycled paper disclaimer'... am i cheap or just recycling?!

p.s. totally found out there's a letter writing alliance out there. long live snail mail!

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  1. you are doing a wonderful job with charm&fig and I am constantly amazed by your creativity! go girl:)


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