04 July 2012

indian summer engagement party invites

i had the awesome task of coming up with some fun engagement party invitations for my very good friend, andie. for this invite, she was inspired by lena wolff's radiance flag (second image from the top) -- the colors, geometric shapes, the feathers and the hippie hippie shake of it all :)

you can see their sweet engagement shoot here, which was another inspiration for these party invites. summer love that last forever,  awww :) xo.

andie's all about arrows right now... a trend i love to keep up!

like a turd, i didn't take enough photos. but i did manage to get a picture of me & the bride.. wearing the same bright poppy colors (on accident). 

brandi, ginny & andie

jon & russ (the groom) playing bartender.

we had too much fun.. so excited for this wedding!

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1 comment:

  1. awww loved these invites! loved the party! love you! up next... BACHELORETTE PARTY invites ohhhh yeah!


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