03 July 2012

juicy july ( + june re-cap)

dang, summer is flying by. and i've taken up two new activities.. surfing, which i've only done once so far and fell in love and plan on doing a lot this summer. and running, which is so inappropriate because we're hitting 100+ degree weather. but i am enjoying both!

here's my june tid bits:

june re-cap (so meta to include a recap in a recap!)
made some 'darling, will you stand by me' bridesmaid cards.
free press summer fest! tie-dye.
made some pink & green sip'n'see watercolor invites for a baby girl!
had a charm & fig product featured in an etsy email.
made these 'pop the question' bridesmaid cards.
made some baby shower games - customized for mama & baby.

after looking at that list, i see i've been a little busy with work and not enough play. and there's my july resolution.... to play more :)

here's some instagram photos from june:

pink on pink crime.

my postage-stamp stamp.. hard-carved, natch.

had to try these mints. smelled amazing, tasted questionable. pretty packaging, though!

water lilies at discovery green - how pretty, smack dab in the middle of downtown houston.

having fun with stamps! silly convos.

couldn't resist these orange flowers in my neighborhood.

rainbow nails for pride week!

surfin' usa.

little post office.

100 penguin book cover post cards. i need some pen pals!

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