01 August 2012

sweltering auggie (+ july re-cap)

i'm writing this august 12, but post-dating it to august first.. such trickery!

here's the measly july postings you may have missed:
indian summer engagement party
my apologies
july manifesto + june re-cap

but since i have been so out-of-touch online, i've been out doing cool things..like surfing. totally obsessed. prepping for our costa rica trip :)

july started out pretty rainy, but man, we needed it after last year's drought.

a collection of neon stuff on my desk. office supplies rule.

a peek into the upcoming OKRA charity bar. yup - houston's getting a charity bar. drink for good!

me & the surfboard board in port aransas. yeah, it was pretty big.

my friend andie & her pentax. no illusions here, this camera is LARGE.

gorgeous sunset at surfside.

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1 comment:

  1. Holy crap, a charity bar?? That sounds amazing! At least now I won't feel so bad when see my bank account balance on Saturday mornings :)


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