30 September 2012

costa rica part three - furry sweetness on the coast

the third leg of our trip started with some kittens. there was a littler staying at our hotel in manuel antonio, and it was a delight to see them every day. 

hoooray, i say. happy to get in the water after hiking in manuel antonio national park.

we spotted a group of monkey's ont he beach. there was about a dozen of them swinging through the trees and they entertained us for about half an hour. here's our best shot:

a few treasures from playa hermosa

me trying to snap some photos of surfers in playa hermosa

and i got one! they were SO good. scary waters though.

back in manuel antonio.. we lucked out and were able to borrow a waterproof digital camera from our friend. thanks cristina!!

pretty succulents in san jose.

jon, being a boy and climbing trees in manuel antonio. this photo is not color corrected at all..  the sky and waters were are THAT gorgeous.

eeep... a pretty big lizard. no thank you.

that's it! where to next?

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