19 September 2013

garden tourism + pretty, pretty flowers

now that i'm all into gardening (woo, new hobby!), i am browsing through all my old travel photos to revisit all the pretty gardens.

on our trip to costa rica, we came across the famous zarcero garden. i had no idea existed until we just stumbled upon it. it was one of those, 'STOP THE CAR' moments. so many gorgeous hydrangeas, dahlias and topiaries.

versailles! we didn't get a chance to tour the gardens, but that alone is reason enough to go back.

new orleans kills it in the porch / window box department. those ferns are 10 feet wide.

i mean, look. this little window box has 10 different kinds of plants in it. this person is an artist.

san antonio japanese tea garden. free and cool. who would have thought?

simple succulent garden in healdsburg, california.

calder's flying dragon in a garden at the art institute of chicago.

yeahh! with that said, i am so ready for fall. and then spring. and we can skip summer cause it's hot here in houston.

where's your favorite gardens? i wanna know, i wanna visit!

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