25 May 2013

no pattern dip dye ombre pillow

it's been a LONG time since i touched my sewing machine. i had every intention of sewing curtains, but instead i just bought tons of unbleached, un-dyed denim and hung it up with raw edges. i love the way it looks.. but more on the curtains later.

it's feeling pretty hot here in houston. we've had such a long spring (actually used the heater in early may!) that the 85 degree feel like a sauna. i don't even want to think about july right now.

in the spirit of summer, i decided to make a bright pink and orange ombre pillow with the extra curtain fabric. i took an old, orange silk pillow and cut fabric for my new pillow with an extra inch for sewing. the old pillow was my 'pattern.'

for this pillow, i only wanted one side to have color -- i think it looks a little more custom and less reckless that way. i busted out my rit-dye... did one end orange (sunshine yellow with a splash of red) and the other bright pink ( red with double splash of yellow).  the i got the fabric completely wet and let it sit in the dye for about half an hour. this will let the dye bleed up the fabric easier. if it's totally try it will have a hard time bleeding and will be a less smooth gradient.

once it was dry, the denim was pretty thick and warped so i needed to put it to the iron.

time to pin and get that pesky zipper out of the way! pin the zipper (zipped!) to one piece of fabric, with the outside of the zipper facing the outside of the pillow. sew the zipper to the first side, then pin the other piece of fabric to the other side of the zipper. 

sew up the rest of the of the sides., before you sew up the last side, make sure you unzip the zipper enough to turn the pillow inside when your sewing is complete.

success! i love the colors it adds to our house.

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