23 March 2013

celebrate mother's day, your baby mama, that foxy mama or just because...

i've been playing with illustration a bit more lately. stepping away from the computer and doodling... that's how my interest in art began a long time ago. doodling, in school, probably while i was supposed to be learning my time tables or long division.

enter my foxy mama card. i was brainstorming a cheeky baby shower card and came up with something that applies to nearly any occasion. this foil-stamp foxy mama card works for mother's day, baby showers, your friend who needs a pick me up or even just a birthday card. it's blank inside so there possibilities are endless. enjoy!

p.s. mother's day is sunday, may 12, 2013 :)

paired with coral envelope

foil stamp detail of the illustration

comes with three envelope choices! coral, mint & kraft. available in the shop!

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