11 November 2012

2013 calendars are here!

ah, feels good to get this project posted. i think i started working on my 2013 calendars in march, so i'm very excited to finally get it out the door. i made a print calendar (below) and a printable calendar option.

this 12-page printed calendar features original illustrations and a little french & spanish vocab (months & numbers) to brush-up on throughout the year.... exelente!

my favorite is june's diving girl -- i think i maybe, just might turn this into a screen print next year... 

see the full calendar below and click here to purchase it in the shop! (there's both christmas & hanukah versions)

snowflakes, india-inspired love nest, camping & rainy mountains

ocean scenes, diving girl, patriotic crest & desert camel (it's hot in august, y'all)

nautical anchor, dia de los muertos, autumn moon & feathers & christmas tree.

thanks for checking it out! 2013 is upon us... 

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  1. You are so talented! I love the calendars, I love calendars!!! It is weird, I know but I just love calendars and planners, they are so fun. You came up with such great ideas for them too!! I am so impressed!!! Love them Lauren, great job!

  2. Your contemporary-style graphics are great! Love the calendar. :-)


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