16 September 2012

costa rica part two - monteverde & the earthquake

 our long-tem stop on the trip was monteverde, known for it's cloud forest reserve. we stayed at a small bed & breakfast called mariposa, where there was lots of flowers and butterflies to enjoy. here's an interior shot of the hotel. i wanted to take this striped blanket home with me!

walking inside the cloud forest reserve... again, my rain boots were the best thing i could have packed.

repelling down a 150 foot waterfall! this was so much fun and a little bit scary. our tour guides were awesome!

jon repelling down a waterfall

me walking in a cloud. i loved this weather!

jon overlooking a cliff at the cloud forest reserve. this is where we were when the earth quake hit! we were about an hour away from the national park's ranger station, so we weren't quite sure how 'bad' the earthquake was when it happened. we were surprised to find out it was a 7.6-7.9! we caught the tail-end of the quake in this video.

the gift shop at the park! a true bummer because the gifts in this shop were actually handmade from locals and not just crap from china with costa rica stickers on it.

the day of the earthquake, we headed detoured from our plans in order to not deal with the earthquake stuff (our original plan was coincidentally go where where the earthquake had been) and found a beautiful black sand beach where we watched some excellent surfers. the waves were so powerful... you couldn't pay me to get in this water.

next stop.. manuel antonio..pretty beaches, monkeys & sunshine.

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