21 February 2012

stars & stripes & prisms & lights at settlement goods

my friend amanda commissioned a congrats card for her to give to the owners of houston's newest store, settlement goods. she wanted a stars to go with the prism windows she created for their opening.

this was fun for me... a big departure from all the pink & girly stuff i've been doing lately.

a few weeks later i visited the store with amanda and was blown away by the careful selection of all the products. each product is made in USA, which is pretty amazing considering how many of the products we actually own are farmed out for cheap labor.

it drives me crazy that there's isn't a higher demand for american-made goods. but hey, i'm totally guilty of buying the cheaply made stuff from old navy, target, banana, outlet malls, etc. etc. (hey, these are some of my fav stores!) but i digress...

settlement goods is definitely a treat for cool jewelry and clothing...

a view from the top. tree trunk table made in brooklyn covered in awesome jewelry and housewares.

definitely digging the brass geometric light pendant.

the light coming in the store.. and a little peek of amanda's window installation (you'll have to visit settlement for the whole enchilada!).

some of the women's clothing selections.. stripes! i cannot get enough of stripes.

um, obsessed with this quartz-shaped ring.

there's so much more to see. men's and women's clothing accessories, candles, pillows.. on and on. check it out for yourself and welcome settlement goods to the 'hood.

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