14 February 2012

love notes from creativity explored

during my last visit to san fransisco, chelsey and her boyfriend insisted that we visit creativity explored, an art studio and gallery for special needs adults.

the experience was beyond anything i expected. it's mission statement says it all:

we provide artists with developmental disabilities the means to create, exhibit, and sell their art in our studios and gallery, and around the world.

the artists create work that is so insanely pure and genuine; i can't even write about it without getting sappy. it's just amazing and it almost made me cry when i was sifting through all their work.

i got two pieces for my husband while i was there. one was a 'love note' written by an artist named zachary adams. the love note was so adorable and reminded me of that honeymoon stage that every couple goes through when they first get together. take the time to read it... it's so sweet.

"....and we could eat a pizza pizza." i know that's one of our favorite things to do.

if you can't make it out west anytime soon, you can still be a part of the magic. creativity explored has licensed some of the art to CB2, a furniture store that i would consider to be crate + barrel's funky little brother.

the other piece is a rabbit by merna lum, which is sort of a meaningful animal for us. i can't get enough of her color choices. and bonus points: CB2 actually has a pillow with one of merna's bunnies.

cute, eh? now go write some love notes to your lover, friends and mamas!

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