29 May 2010

gorgeous eggs - naturally candy colored

prettiest eggs ever. these eggs are totally naturally colored and are produced by aracuana chickens from a farm in belleville, texas.

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28 May 2010

floral favorites

well i feel like the luckiest girl ever-- had to buy these gorgeous flowers for a commercial shoot at work and i got to take them home. i've got enough tulips, tuberoses, ranuncylous, hydrangeas to fill up five vases! the orange ranunculus is my favorite.

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27 May 2010

claw foot table - bowl of oranges

old hand-me-down clawfoot pedestal table from my mom... was in her house when she was a wee little lady. sanded & stained for a more modern touch. plus a bowl of oranges :)

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22 May 2010

elephant garlic bloom

got a saturday gig working at houston's urban harvest farmers market... scored this beautiful, doctor seussian elephant garlic. could you imagine a yard full of these blooms?

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16 May 2010

write more letters

boyfriend picked up these envelopes for me... love them. pen pals wanted!

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12 May 2010

taking the plunge save the date

here's what i was working on before.. mom's save the date. saw this idea somewhere else-- can't take full credit!

click images to zoom.

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