28 February 2010

carnations can be pretty

vday flowers still going strong! (and they're not ours.. got left behind).

20 February 2010

usa birthday theme

remnants of a usa birthday bash at beavers!

pretty blooms

spring has sprung in houston. this pretty tree lives on my street-- anyone know what kind it is?

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19 February 2010

apple tart

thanks to my bf for watching gordon ramsay and getting inspired by this delicious apple tart! man, puff pastry rules.

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15 February 2010

little packaging

dang, anthropologie has cute giftwrap. felted flowers on top!

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12 February 2010

07 February 2010

pulp & juices

citrus fruit yields more pulp than you know what to do with & colorful cocktails.

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06 February 2010

birthday cupcakes for a man

you know you're cool when you brand your boyfriend's birthday.

happy bday best friend!

his favorite is carrot cake, so i made some from scratch. filled & iced them with cream cheese icing (that he actually made), garnished them with a couple julienned carrots & cinnamon. fancy.

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